A colour for every moment of the day

unique blends based on matcha tea, superfoods and spices

Vegan Lactose Free Gluten Free High in Fiber Nut Free

Functional Blends Collection Matcha Colors

How do you want to feel today?
Happy and focused Lively and bright Protected and supported Revitalised and comforted Exhilarated and energised Clean and pure

Happy and focused

A new day dawns and you need a boost of energy to start the day on the right foot. Green Happiness helps you to focus, be in a good mood and gives you a nutritious pump that helps you get the best out of yourself and your day.


Lively and bright

Pink Vitality is light and sweet, and it also helps reduce fat, level blood sugar, and prepare your digestive system for meal time.


Protected and supported

Blue Immunity is the right drink for the last moment of the day, because it relaxes and reduces stress by helping you sleep. It also helps to improve the functioning of the digestive system in addition to strengthening your immune system.


Revitalised and comforted

Are you cold? Do you feel under the weather? Exhausted?

Yellow Revitalise matcha helps to reinforce you are weak in defenses. It also helps to raise your body temperature when you are feeling cold.


Exhilarated and energised

The best time to take White Energy would be before training and / or after exercise. It is a natural aid for your physical performance and increasing your libido. It reduces fatigue and helps you perform better during physical activities both on the field and in the bedroom ;)


Clean and pure

Hangover? Do you need a reset?

Black Detox, in addition to being delicious, helps you detoxify and purify your soul in every way.

Why Matcha Colors?

Our blends unite the passion we feel for the traditional Oriental culture and the modernity of Western world

We take as a reference the traditional of the ceremonious matcha tea, and combine with "superfoods"and spices.

Add our nutritious and aromatic Matcha Colors to your drinks and meals and increase your quality of life and well-being. quality of life and well-being.

Different colored matcha teas(powdered teas), all originals with unique characteristics.

No added sugar
We use inulin and lucuma to naturally sweeten our mixes and your day!

We are very Instagrammable;) Follow our recipes full of color or create your own and surprise everyone.

Why Matcha Tea?

More antioxidants and amino acids
Matcha tea takes advantage of 100% of the ground tea leaf. Its special preparation increases its proportion of nutrients over the infused tea.

Highly nutritious
Powdered tea contains vitamins, zinc, potassium, manganese, and fluoride (which protects our teeth and gums). It is a "soft" energy drink that can boost our immunity and overall health.

Improve your microbiota
Matcha tea is a probiotic product, which helps to improve your intestinal health little by little.

More energy, fewer calories
Matcha provides energy gradually and for a long time, improving your day to day and helping you burn calories in an active lifestyle.

Meditation help
Unlike coffee, Matcha improves concentration, and has been used for millennia in spiritual rituals in Japan.

Original gifts full of well-being

Easy to prepare / Discover our recipes
Put 2g of tea
powder in a
Cover it with
water at 80º
Beat up
let it remain
Add milk
to your liking
and ready!

With this you already have the basics. A healthy and energetic matcha latte, to which you can add multiple toppings to garnish and complement your experience.

Now show what you are worth! With our recipes you will be able to create healthy and colorful cakes, ice creams, lunches and snacks to take care of yourself and take care of yours.

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Natural ingredients Organic Matcha from Japan Mixed and packed in Spain