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White Energy

16,95 - 33,90

Energy and Sexual Vigor

Premium powdered blend of white tea, maca, cinnamon, inulin, lucuma, Himalayan pink salt and Madagascar vanilla.

Increase energy and improve fertility and sexual vigor, helps with protein metabolism and increases energy. Improves libido and memory, stabilizes mood, increases athletic performance and accelerates muscle recovery. Rich in fiber and essential fats, nourishing the body and contributing to the increase of physical vigor. Improves hormonal disorders, reduces fatigue and weakness.


50g25 mugs
120g60 mugs

Ideal for

Take in the morning, afternoon or before training or after as a muscle recuperator. Take for extra vigor * wink wink *.


FlavourCaramel, creamy, earthy
ColorCreamy beige
ScentHazelnut and sweet
SensationRavenous and full of life




50g, 120g

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